Because of rights, art can rarely be shared over the Internet. This concerns national collections as well as temporary exhibitions. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (RMFAB), the Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art (SMCA) and WallMuse digital exhibition platform are the initial partners of the SHAREX Project with financial support from EC Creative Culture.    SHAREX Project’s objectives are to demonstrate to curators and professionals how to conceive, develop and broadcast their digital exhibitions with ease and efficiency. The WallMuse digital exhibition platform features both digital rights management and a strong protection of contents, as well as multi-screen broadcasting. Deployments concern The Digital Museum; The Digital Biennale; Artistic and Cultural Education; Health and Elderly Care; Municipalities; Hospitality and Transport; Offices and later Homes.   SHAREX Project’s proposed initial co-operation rules:

  1. SHAREX Project Members use WallMuse’s platform to share modern and contemporary art digital exhibitions to a broad public at large and benefit from new audiences and the shared transparent business model.
  2. SHAREX Project Members can securely upload their digitized artworks either in form of images, sound tracks or videos to curate multi-screen digital exhibitions (also called Montages).
  3. SHAREX members may become delegates of each other. In other words, members have access to other SHAREX Project Members’ digitized artworks and Digital Exhibitions under copyright extending curation possibilities, also co-curations amongst different organizations. Creative Commons rights are by default shared and not concerned. No Access Digital Exhibitions are accessible to Members as a means to work together.
  4. Co-curations are facilitated by search of artworks through artists, art movements and categories, datations and keywords. In Digital Exhibition Credits (to be implemented), all organizations should be indicated for redistribution purposes of the business model.
  5. Members can broadcast their exhibitions in their premises free of charge for any screen or projection that is smaller than 2.5m (98 inches). Higher size screens and projections fall under WallMuse services.
  6. WallMuse shares 50% of its revenues from its exhibition on demand services broken between right holders and artists (20%), digitalization (25%) and curators (5%).
  7. WallMuse has negotiated broadcasting rights for over 95 000 artists through agreements with rights representation organizations such as ADAGP (FR), SABAM (BE), BILDKUNST (DE), COPY-DAN (DK), DACS (UK), (SK), SIAE (IT), SPA (PT), VAGA (US), VEGAP (ES) and others. Under Copyright, a Rights Representative authorizing broadcasts should always be indicated. A solo artist Digital Exhibition if not amongst the list of above organizations, you may ask broadcasting rights to the artist. When a SHAREX organization has broadcasting rights on a given author, these should be indicated by naming them as Rights Representive in Credits in Specify Artworks (this will also be indicated in the Re-distributions Reporting and Transfers similarily to the one on the SHAREX Site > Digital Exhibitions > Financial redistributions). A list for these cases is presented in the forum.
  8. Subscription prices to WallMuse are determined by type of deployment. Professional usage (premium service with support) are indicated to Members. Social and education and future home deployments are significantly reduced, taking into account within OECD countries or not, and in some cases prices may be symbolic.
  9. Organizations handling, supporting deployments with local partners or clients, receive 15% on generated subscriptions. Those that introduce clients that lead to deployments receive 7.5%
  10. Quarterly reports are provided to support the shared transparent business amongst of all broadcasted Digital Exhibitions of that period (see SHAREX Site > Digital Exhibitions > Financial redistributions).
  11. The future SHAREX Association will determine further Membership rules and fees, its representatives and an elected board following democratic and transparent mechanisms to further support activities to help share modern and contemporary digital exhibitions at large.
  12. SHAREX Association will propose future orientations for WallMuse’s digital exhibition platform developments.

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